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Why should your family engage in the Family Philanthropic Adventure ?

With the easy-to-follow Guidebook, you and your family will be taken on a Seven-Step Adventure into the world of Philanthropy.

You don’t need a huge pile of money, in fact, it’s not even about the money. A little bit helps, but what you really need is a desire to learn about each other, your community, and how you can impact a cause.

Your Adventure will lead you through the evaluation of organizations, determining which are the most suited to receive your donation-investment.

Then, if you really want to make a difference with your family, follow our Seven Enrichment Exercises along the way!

With these, your family will blog about the experience, raise a few extra dollars, dig deeper into organizations, hear from others that give, and truly experience the joy of giving.

Here’s what other families have said about their experience:

For the first time in a long time, we had a meaningful discussion about money and making a difference.

After reading the blog writings from my grandkids, I was amazed to witness the transformation that was occurring in their lives.

When we turned off the video games, sports, and the news for an evening, we had a wonderful time being a family, talking about things that really matter.

I don’t think my family ever really appreciated how much we have and how little others in our community have until we visited a food pantry and a homeless shelter. Talk about an eye-opening experience!

Our children and grandchildren are scattered around the country. We all met on Skype and discovered a wonderful new way for us to reach out to them and influence them in a positive direction.

I never thought my kids (or me, for that matter), would actually have fun looking through a tax return. What a great way to teach financial literacy!

I found that we’ve got some really great kids who were just looking for an opportunity to do something significant.

We learned that we really like each other. Sometimes you get so busy with life that you forget that.

There’s so much negative in the news, it was refreshing to be involved in something positive with my own family.

There are lots of needs out there, and we got to try to tackle one of them right here in our own community.

For the first time in a while, our family has started having meaningful conversations at the dinner table.

This was such a neat experience, I can’t wait to share it with my friends!

We loved learning a respectful process for making decisions as a family - it sure beats a family shouting match.

After doing this with our own family, we’re going to invite my sister and her family to join us next time.

Would you like to make a positive impact in the lives of your family members?

The Main Street Family Philanthropic Adventure is your answer!

WARNING: This program has been known to have the following side effects:

  • Families have fun together and learn to communicate
  • It has been known to be addictive; you may want to give again
  • You may become more likely to think before donating to future causes
  • You may learn basic investment principles
  • You may consume peas when you think you’re eating meatloaf

Why are you still reading this? Visit our online store, order your Adventure Kit, and have some fun already!